meet greg dean


Greg has been involved in residential and commercial construction in one form or another since 1982.   He's built multi-million dollar residences from the ground up, renovated downtown industrial urban lofts, and everything in between.  As Greg says, "There are houses that you walk into and they give you a certain feeling.  You just want to sit down and stay a while.  They can be 1200 square foot bungalows or 9500 square foot mansions.  It's not the size, cost or grandeur that creates this feeling.  It's the passion that goes into creating it.  It starts with the homeowners: they have to know what they want and what moves them.  Sometimes they need a little help figuring this out, but we make sure we get to that point before we even start planning the project.  When everyone is on the same page and the house being created is being created for only one reason: the homeowners, then that's when a true home is created."  Greg Dean doesn't build homes because he has to.  He builds homes because he wants to.  This is at the core of what shines through in a Greg Dean Custom Home

505 Sunset Hill, Rockwall, TX 75087