CUrrent projects

Some of the current homes that Greg is working on now...

Fannin St.

Follow along as Greg converts a neglected 102 year old bungalow located in the heart of downtown Rockwall, into a completely remodeled, modern home for a family of four.  A bad addition from the 1980's had to be carefuly removed and over 2000 square feet of new living space added including a large kitchen, master bedroom and bath, and upstairs bedrooms with living area for the kids.  The challenge was to keep the charm and historical integrity of a Downtown Rockwall staple built over a 100 years ago by a notorious Rockwall family, while modernizing the home into a usable, practical  space for a young family for many more years to come.  A complete foundation renovation started the project as the house was several inches from even in several places.  The existing foundation was rebuilt in part using steel and 12" belled concrete piers drilled 18 feet into the ground.  Much of the floor and ceiling was rotting and starting to cave in.  With careful study of the time period and history of the home, Greg is in the middle of a project that includes the best of both worlds:  antique lighting, doors, millwork, and leaded glass as well as a modernized floor plan, new plumbing, electric, foundation and a home that will last 100 more years to come.  <CLICK FOR MORE ON THE HOUSE>